Donna Love

Rochester Hills, MI

A Pinnacle Leader

This study explores how the qualities of a pinnacle leader are embodied in the leadership of Justin Trudeau, who in 2015 at age 43 became Canada’s second youngest Prime Minister and a rarity among Level 5 leaders.  The Pinnacle is described in John Maxwell’s The 5 Levels of Leadership (2011) as having acquired all five levels of leadership characteristics and skills.   According to Maxwell, a leader “wins” (Maxwell, 2011) each level by mastering specific leadership practices.  Each level builds upon the skills acquired at the previous level and by combining natural talent, hard work, and self-reflection, the becomes a “Pinnacle” at level 5 (Maxwell, 2011).

Pinnacle leaders have natural traits as well as learned skills that form their exceptional leadership prowess.  These accomplished experts influence lasting organizational or political change by pouring themselves into the development of followers, who are turned into skilled leaders which ultimately leaves a legacy of positive change behind (Maxwell, 2011, p. 231).  

This presentation illustrates how Justin Trudeau’s humility, respectfulness, and positivity have shaped his leadership accomplishments for Canada, while pursuing justice and equality for those he represents.