Dara Slater

Farmington Hills, MI

The musical arts are underdeveloped in most elementary schools. There is a scarcity of solid music education in elementary schools. Bumble Bee Elementary School is in need of financial support for the musical arts, which this grant proposal can provide. The specific needs of Bumble Bee Elementary School are to purchase musical equipment such as rhythm and melodic instruments: drums, claves, shakers, castanets, tambourines, cymbals, and Orff xylophones. These instruments will complement and help expand the elementary music department. Children are mentally stimulated by music. The musical arts program is significant because studies reveal that children who are exposed to music and practice musical instruments excel in other areas of schooling. The purpose is to provide musical experiences for elementary children with the long-term goal of improving the children’s performance in other academic areas.  The dream is to develop a musical arts curriculum at Bumble Bee Elementary based on Michigan state standards and national standards while integrating new musical instruments. Music can be incorporated with various subject matters such as mathematics and language arts. The Synchronized Sounds in School grant will provide musical instruments and musical experiences that positively impact the children of Bumble Bee Elementary.