Danielle Rocky

West Bloomfield, MI

The purpose of this project is to apply for a grant for a garden in a preschool center in Detroit called Rocky Road Childcare. The employees in this center will use the garden to promote literacy, cognition, fine motor, community connection, locomotor skills, body management skills, and help prevent childhood obesity. The preschool will use four to five gardening beds to grow fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as take volunteers from the community to aide in keeping the garden growing. The children will be given the responsibility to care for the garden. It will be done similar to a Growing Healthy Kids program that was previously done. The benefits the garden will have on the preschool, the children and the community are countless. The gardening program will be able to open up future research for the early childhood community about healthy eating habits, the effects of being outside and children, teamwork, and how gardening can help low income families.