Daniel O’Connor

Northville, Mi

The project objective is to delve into the leadership qualities of a person that exhibits all the characteristics of a Level 5 leader as described by Maxwell (2011).  Achieving the “pinnacle” as Maxwell describes it, is the highest level one can achieve. Level 5 leadership is reserved for a chosen few. One of those is Major Richard Winters. Maj. Winters was a highly decorated World War II veteran that was one of the key subjects in the HBO mini-series Band of Brothers.

The focus of the project will be comparing leadership in a military setting to that of a business setting.  Examining how the leadership qualities of Maj. Winters can be successful on both the battlefield and in the boardroom. It will be seen that the qualities of a high-level leader are transferable to other occupations and leadership goals.   

The purpose of the project is to reveal the importance of authentic leadership, and how it can be relevant in all aspects of our life. It will investigate the notion that one size fits all in the leadership realm as well as illustrating the relationship between influential leadership and successful results.

The leadership qualities and influence of a Level 5 individual will have a direct and profound impact on the success of any given organization.  A leader’s level of influence is directly proportional to their level of leadership competency. Level 5 leaders bring success wherever they go, and have the ability to extend their circle of influence to all members of their organization.