Cherry Klein

Utica, Mi

There are numerous leaders that followed their paths of success. They embraced some exceptional qualities that propelled them to greater heights. Bill Gates and Ellen Lee DeGeneres are among the leaders that have stood for what they believe in achieving tremendous success in their life. Gates has shown a mixture of various leadership qualities that acted as his pillar achieving his dream goals. He had a passion for computers and started programming at the age of 13 years old. He developed his own basic programming language version for mainframe computers while still at Harvard. Bill’s vision for cheap computing power in the future led him to build software industry that was in support of his vision. There are numerous qualities attributed to Bill Gates that made him successful. Gates was not distracted by success. As a leader, he looked beyond his achievements in executing critical business decisions. Philanthropy and humanitarianism are major qualities that have boosted Gates in gaining many followers. As a leader he had to embrace a transformational and autocratic leadership style that enabled him to achieve success. Autocratic qualities allowed Gates to make viable decisions efficiently and quickly while being transformative enabled him to vision out the future of his success. On the other hand, Ellen Lee DeGeneres is a trailblazer who has resulted in a powerful brand of pushing American culture forward out of its comfort zone. Trailblazers are always ingenious in that they make their own rules and don’t focus on what has not worked in the past but find the gap and fill it. Ellen is a leader who went against all odds to stand for what she believes in and who truly she is. Voiceless individuals require trailblazer leaders, who can advocate for their rights and nurture a new way of looking into different matters.