Carla El-Esrawi

Dearborn, Mi

Help Me Grow Child Center has been in the Early Childhood field for five years offering an education for children as well as help and support for the families that are in need. All of this is being achieved with the help of a team of highly qualified educators. Low-income families and families that did not have the opportunity for education are becoming a participating part of early childhood programs. It is important for those children to have opportunities to explore technology in its modern faces, such as iPads, projectors, and desktop computers. By including technology in early childhood classrooms, children will have a better chance to succeed in the future since technology will be major by the time they become adults. By having technology tools in the classroom, Help Me Grow Child Care will offer advanced ways for the children to learn about literacy, math, and social skills as well as many other important areas of study. Allowing children to use technology at a very young age will help them develop and gain an understanding of the future. The future that is all about technology and technological development is in the hands of these new generations. Giving them the technology today will give them the future tomorrow.