Antoinette McKinney

Oak Park, MI

The Happy Learning Educational Facility is seeking a grant to improve academic status in reading. This Read to Succeed: Marching toward Great Readers program is designed to help all of the at risk children increase in their reading skills. This program is designed for no child would get left behind, that each student enrolled in this facility will feel a part of the class. This project will enable young children by helping them enhance their development on how to become better and stronger readers. The goal for this project is to see each child growth within every ninth days, and to ensure that the children language and literacy has increased since starting the school year. Within this project the children will learn how to improve their vocabulary, improve their reading comprehension, reading fluency. Through the proper learning tools for the children such as computers that is equipped with the assistive reading software. The Read to Succeed: Marching toward Great Readers is designed around research on effective reading development skills. This program is seeking help with the funding in the amount of 25,000 to help with staff training and the purchase of the materials such as book software and book hard copies for each classroom in this facility.