Amari Mitchell


Fantasy football auctions are common within the fantasy football community, but should they be televised on a national cable channel? When ESPN2 aired a fantasy football auction featuring mainly black NFL players being “sold” to white men, many compared it to a slave auction. Many people took to Twitter expressing how they felt about the auction.

Bok’s Model will be used to examine the ethical issues raised in this case study.  Sissela Bok said that any ethical question should be analyzed in three steps. The first step of Bok’s Model is to consult your own conscience about the “rightness” of an action. The second step is to seek expert advice on alternatives to the act of creating the ethical problem. The third step is to conduct a discussion with the parties involved (Patterson & Wilkins, 2014, p.5)

This case study will determine that by airing this kind of fantasy football auction,

ESPN2 was unethical according to the code of ethics for the society of professional journalists