Alexander William Link

Musical Theatre

Flint, MI


Great Expectations: Observations on Dickens, Magwitch, and the Socio-Political Climate of Victorian London

Alexander William Link’s senior capstone project was his role as Magwitch in Barbara Field’s stage adaptation of Charles Dickens’ Great Expectations. The process required over a month of rehearsal, keeping a personal journal, creating scene scores and actual performances. The research portion of the process began in August and continued until after the close of the show in November. The research itself focused primarily on the character of Magwitch, his time spent in New South Wales, Australia, and the social climate of Victorian England. The scene scores and journal were used to develop Alexander’s portrayal of the character, which was then showcased in the actual performances of the production. The goal of these performances was to showcase the character in a way that lent itself to the director’s vision, and promote awareness of the wealth gap, privilege and the harsh treatment of the lower class. Alexander will be presenting his project to the public on the seventh of December.