Alexander James Drake

Macomb, MI

Should News Media Alter Photographs?

This media ethics case study will evaluate whether or not news media should alter photographs as The New York Daily News did after the Boston Marathon bombing in April 2013. A person’s bloody ankle injury was edited out of the original photograph without a written notation that the photograph was altered. The use of either the original photograph or the altered photograph for a news story will be examined by employing the TARES Test, which is a method of evaluating the five principals for ethical persuasion. “T” stands for truthfulness, “A” stands for authenticity, “R” stands for respect, “E” stands for equity, and “S” stands for social responsibility in order to determine if altering news photographs is ethical. John Stuart Mill’s utilitarianism principal will be used to support the TARES Test analysis. The conclusion of the case study will include a final analysis about the ethics of using the altered photograph.