Aimee Jurkiewicz

Sterling Heights, Mi

Based on a quote by Dr. Seuss, the preschool staff at Early Learners Academy came up with the Inspiring Little Minds Literacy grant.  This grant is meant to help stock the book collection in the preschool classroom at Early Learners Academy. This grant will help children to expand their education. Literacy has a big impact on a child’s education. Literacy helps children with so many other skills they need to use on a daily basis. Children gain many benefits from books such as learning about problem solving skills, memory skills, social cognition skills and many more.  The preschool program has children between the ages of 3-5. All children in the preschool program come from low income families. The preschool program runs through the county’s Head Start program. At Early Learners Academy the staff strives to provide a quality education for all the children. This has become a difficult task with the current materials. The current books are so old that they are becoming ripped and tattered. The staff is asking for all kinds of educational books and also some of the children’s favorites as well. As early childhood educators at Early Learners Academy the staff wants to make sure that they are providing all the children in the classroom the opportunity to develop the necessary skills they need by providing them with all different kinds of educational books.