Mission Statement

The Department of Physical Education trains students to excel in team and individual athletics, develop lifetime fitness and mental wellness habits, and practice lifesaving techniques such as CPR and first aid.

What Are My Career Opportunities?

Rochester College does NOT have a teacher certification program in physical education. However, graduates with backgrounds in physical education may go on to become teachers, coaches, physical therapists, athletic trainers, aerobics instructors, personal trainers, sports managers and recreation directors.


Course Descriptions

Activity courses satisfy the PED General Education requirement.

PED 1011 Individual Sports
Badminton, bowling, and other sports activities. Course fee.

PED 1021 Team Sports
Teamwork, communication, and principles of successful team-building. Includes floor hockey, flag football, volleyball, basketball, soccer, towel ball, speed ball, and team mat ball.

PED 1032 Stress Management
Emphasizes the concepts of managing stress, how to identify stressors, and practical ways to deal with stress as part of a total wellness program.

PED 1071 Conditioning
Basics of diet, stress management, cardiovascular exercise, and weight training.

PED 2002 First Aid
American Red Cross Standard and Advanced First Aid Procedures. Includes National Safety Council exam.

PED 2003 Personal and Community Health and Safety
Personal and community health and safety.

PED 2012 Officiating
Officiating methods and principles: Officiating objectives, conduct, conflict management, and psychology. Examines officiating techniques for baseball, basketball, football, soccer, softball, and volleyball. Includes some practical experience through intramural and intercollegiate programs.

PED 2023 Health and Wellness for the Whole Person
A study of major aspects related to human health, including the impact on overall wellness of physical activity and nutrition, as well as the spiritual, intellectual, and emotional dimensions.

PED 2113 Health and Physical Education for the Elementary Classroom Teacher
Designed to provide elementary education majors with an overview of the content information, organizational skills, and methods of instruction needed to teach health education and physical education in the elementary school (K-8).