Rochester College cultivates academic excellence, principled character, servant leadership, and global awareness through a rigorous educational experience that integrates liberal arts and professional studies within an inclusive Christian heritage.
Degree Options

Through our mission we affirm the following:

  • A quality education stresses excellence and trains students to perform scholarly research, to think critically and creatively, and to be able to write and speak effectively.
  • An educated person reveres God and is committed to truth and justice.
  • An educated person is able to connect coherently the spiritual truths of God with the wisdom of humanity embodied in the arts and the sciences.
  • A Christian education demonstrates that a vibrant faith compels a life of personal virtue and social responsibility.
  • An educated person is not afraid to pursue truth through open investigation and is able to assess and evaluate all truth claims through well- developed skills for critical thinking.
  • An educated person possesses a lifelong desire to grow intellectually and spiritually.
  • An educated person views a vocation as an opportunity for service and stewardship, rather than a passport to privilege.
  • This community, its professors, and administrators promote and incarnate all of the above affirmations within a nonsectarian Christian orientation.

Rochester College accomplishes our mission through characteristics such as the following:

  • A fully-accredited academic curriculum
  • A close-knit campus community
  • A cultivation of the moral and spiritual development of our students
  • An Honors Program for academically gifted students
  • A community-wide support system for students, such as the ACE Lab
  • A wide array of scholastic opportunities, such as international programs in Europe, Asia and Africa.