The faculty and staff of Rochester College have demonstrated their competence, commitment, and Christian devotion to students over the years. Fifty percent of the full-time faculty hold doctoral degrees in their areas of teaching responsibility. Three faculty members are currently in doctoral programs. Other faculty have terminal degrees in specialty fields that do not offer doctorates.

Specialized programs in education, business, psychology, and religious studies prepare our graduates both for productive careers in the marketplace and for advanced studies at graduate and professional schools. Rochester College offers a Master’s Degree in missional leadership and a school of nursing on its 80-acre campus.

In terms of the focus of academic programming and distribution of student concentrations in our total student population (i.e., residential, commuter, CEL), the following statistics reflect the areas of highest interest for the 2011-2012 school year.

  • Business Management – 22%
  • Organizational Leadership  – 4%
  • Mass Communication – 12%
  • Education (Early Childhood, Elementary, Secondary) – 11%
  • Religious Studies – 8%
  • Health Sciences/Nursing – 11%
  • Behavioral Sciences/Psychology – 14%
  • Interdisciplinary Studies/Humanities – 7%
  • Other – 11%