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Graduate Department of Theology

OVERVIEW APPLY DEGREE TUITION FACULTY COURSES FORMS OVERVIEW Overview The Graduate Department of Theology provides an excellent opportunity for men and women called to professional or lay ministry to pursue… Continue reading

Department of Psychology and Behavioral Sciences

OVERVIEW MAJORS ADMISSIONS PSI CHI FACULTY OVERVIEW The Department of Psychology and Behavioral Sciences supports majors designed for the student planning graduate work in psychology and other related fields. The… Continue reading

Graduate School

Find out about the MRE program at Rochester College: Graduate Department of Theology Information regarding the Rochester College graduate program.   Free GRE Tools This site contains significant information about… Continue reading

Department of Mass Communication

Specs Graduates Media Minor Public Relations Minor Tracks for Accelerated Learning students in Marketing Communication. STUDENT MEDIA Faculty in the Mass Communication Department train and oversee students in the preparation… Continue reading


Associate Professor of Religion Dean of the School of Theology and Ministry, and Professor of Ministry Director, Graduate School of Religion (MREML) Ph.D., Luther Seminary D.Min., Abilene Christian University M.Div., Pepperdine… Continue reading

Department of Bible and Ministry

service and offers preparation for graduate studies or a vocation in Christian ministry. Academic Opportunities The Bachelor of Science degree supports formal preparation for Christian ministry or biblical studies. Undergraduate degrees… Continue reading


Professor of Church History and Theology Global Educational Opportunities (GEO) Coordinator Ph.D., Marquette University M.Div., Harding University Graduate School of Religion B.A., Lubbock Christian University School: School of Theology and… Continue reading

Interdisciplinary Studies

…BIB 4394 Contemporary Issues in Hermeneutics 4 CHOOSE ONE: THL 3793 History and Theology of the Christian Tradition I THL 4003 History and Theology of the Christian Tradition II 3… Continue reading

Department of Science and Mathematics

OVERVIEW MAJORS/MINORS FACULTY FIELD STUDY COURSES OVERVIEW The Department of Science and Mathematics functions to provide biology, chemistry, natural science, physics, and mathematics courses that introduce students to the tremendous… Continue reading

Family Loss

…of the class of 1967, passed away Mar. 27, 2019. Joan’s sister, Sue (Gentry) Wasson, is a 1962 graduate. Obituary A 1970 graduate, Ken Chaffin, passed away Mar. 26, 2019…. Continue reading