Senior, Business Management major from Rochester Hills, MI

Having grown up in the Rochester area where he played high school ball under Coach John Pleasant, Paris was well aware of RC when it came time to choose a college. Although he considered going out-of-state or to another university in the area, he is confident RC was the right choice given the two main factors he considered—the business and basketball programs. The senior (red shirt junior when it comes to basketball) says the relationships he has built at RC have equipped him with a “solid academic foundation“ and “a highly supportive and close-knit athletic community.” Most importantly, RC has helped shape him into the person he is today.

“I knew if I came here I would grow as an athlete and as a person. When it comes to sports, a lot of times winning trumps all. It’s not that we don’t want to win—we have championship titles to prove we do. But character, respect, attention to detail, stretching yourself outside of being simply a basketball player, and striving to be your best self are equally important as a Warrior athlete. Our team works hard for all of this, and we want to share the tradition with our community. Unfortunately it’s difficult to draw crowds to sporting events that aren’t on our campus.”

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