Klint Pleasant Coaching PhotoWhen Coach Garth Pleasant ended his 30-year career with the Warriors in 2011, he handed over the clipboard to his son, Klint. Charged with the same passion and appreciation for both the college and the game, Klint stepped into this new role at RC (he also serves as the vice president of enrollment/athletics and athletic director). Not surprisingly, Klint has a unique understanding of how beneficial the construction of a new gymnasium will be for Rochester College. Here he dons a few of the many hats he wears and shares his thoughts on the project.

From the VP of Enrollment

“This space will not only help from an athletic standpoint, but it will also benefit the college’s branding and overall recruiting efforts by increasing the number of opportunities we have to attract and influence young people. We look forward to expanding our campus visits to this new space, which will help us match some of the appealing qualities our competitors typically share with prospects. With a new gym, we will be able to emphasize how students can take part in school spirit and college life activities without having to leave campus. This project is critical to the future growth of RC and the collegiate image we present to prospects.”

From the Athletic Director & Head Men’s Varsity Basketball Coach

“For years, our sports teams have competed successfully, but unfortunately, the Warriors have never had the chance to do so within a regional conference with local schools similar to RC. This athletic center not only gives our teams a home; it gives us the opportunity to join the local NAIA conference. This will strengthen our connection with area schools, while fostering a sense of rivalry, which is a meaningful component of school spirit. Lastly, an athletic center gives us the ability to attract student athletes who are looking for the local conference affiliation as many of them have an awareness of what that means for their collegiate athletic career. Having to explain how we are currently aligned can deter them.”

From the Co-Director of Lake Norcentra Basketball Camp

“I can tell you from experience being involved with LNBC, the greater Rochester community has wanted this facility for a long time. Each year, we have over 1,500 visitors to campus to participate in summer sports camps alone. The new gymnasium will attract more traffic to campus and increase our visibility. It’s exciting to think about inviting the community to be our welcomed guest on a regular basis…and eliminating all of the ‘Where’s the game tonight?’ phone calls we regularly receive!”

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